Soul Circus

~ Wild Spirit on Wheels ~
Driving Change
withIN & withOUT ~ online & on the road

A nomadic festival & voluntouring retreat for artists, activators and people who care - to drive change, and co-create and share joy, kindness, hope and inspiration.

We are inviting collaboration and co-creation with current festivals... Then a select group of conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives, movers and shakers, the doers from around the world - join together and travel within (on the road and online) to learn and to teach, to give and to receive, to do and to be their next level selves - while driving change...

Soul Circus is taking applications for 2018!


and be the first to know the 2018 dates...

Places will be avaialble to travel on the road and also online with the virtual travel experience, where you journey within and deal with your shift, so that you can manifest your next level dreams for self & the world...