Soul Circus is a nomadic festival and voluntouring retreat which co-creates and showcases solutions; uniting talents and networks, on the road and online, to help ALL to win and thrive.

We unite and travel within and out... Co-creating SOULutions for the Win-Win-Win…

Who we are?

Hi there! Lovely to meet you... I am Nicola Jackman (Nikki - the blonde in the pic) and I have held the Soul Circus dream for 4 years and I am Torsten (Toto) Kremser (the guy) and I've been a consulting partner since January 2017 and I'm Dawn Penny (on the left) I head up online and coaching and I'm Jenny Braun (in the middle) I am setting up merchandising. We are currently co-creating as the core-team of Soul Circus! 

Currently on the road we have been partnering with - GreenPop, Secret Sunrise Nomadic, TedX-OntheRoad, Nomad Convoy, The UPliftment Programme, and the Better Me Foundation...

What we do?

VISION: We envision a future world where all real needs are fulfilled and all beings and all things are thriving and everyone feels like they're winning in life.

MISSION: To co-create ways to travel within online - and on the road... Inspiring everyone to drive change for themselves and the world - where we all WIN WIN WIN! We support each other and communities with an exchange of skills to live extra-ordinary lives.

On The Road: We take 21 day journeys around Africa (for now) as a nomadic festival, traveling voluntourism retreat and virtual travel show, for movers, shakers, activators and artists to DRIVE CHANGE for themselves & the world.  We travel with workshops, conscious cinema, dance, play, art and theatre and we co-create ways to do one thing and reach one person - in each 21 day cycle.

Online: Everyone participating "On The Road" also participates online in the Travel WithIn 21 day program... here they fine tune their individual games and sort out their shift, so that they can thrive - while they hold space for others to do the same...

WinWinWin: Soul Circus thrives by co-creating the Win-Win-Win. We ensure the Win for the co-creators, artists and activators who join us, the win for the communities we interact with and the win for our planet as our work always serves Earth too.

Why we do it?

For all beings and all things to thrive - we need to bridge and expand access to the tools and mindsets to ensure we really can all Win-Win-Win. We strive to be living examples of humanKIND and showcase others who live the kindness and caring values that inspire us. Through our sharing - we intend to grow hope, unity and co-creative action, as we support the co-creation and expansions of solutions in our changing world.

See more about the team and partners as well as what we are up to - on our blog and or our facebook or on our twitter...





Support a charity cause


In September 2003 Nicola Jackman founded The UPliftment Programme (JoyMoVement). A public benefit organisation focused on growing love and joy in society - for 13 years they've been training volunteers to share joy in hospitals and homes for special needs. Emotional Wellness is at the forefront of thier work and they intend to ensure joy and kindness are visable all around Southern Africa.

Support the JoyMoVement HERE or find out more on

In January 2015 Torsten Kremser - founded the Better Me Foundation. A completely volunteer driven charity that actively works in Kenya to provide food, shelter, education and healthcare for currently 260 children.

To support his charity he came up with the idea of Nomad Convoy.

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