Festival of Inspiring Action

8th – 28th October 2019

A tribe of conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives and inspiring families are gathering for an extra-ordinary 21-day experience in the Cape of South Africa. A Festival of Inspiring Action, co-created by extra-ordinary volunteers (Venturers) who are keen to make a difference, while having fun doing so! You’re invited to come along as we celebrate the locals that are making things happen and make their awe-inspiring dreams a reality.

Win Win Wins


Together we are a giant stand for inclusive learning, co-creating and living in a Win Win Wins way – Being a unified front of inspiration! Our selection will ensure a broad variety of innovators, leaders, artists, educators, catalysts, active citizens and rising stars to be our rocking 42 Venturers!

It’s DIT time – when we do it together – we can co-create beyond our wildest dreams for ALL to thrive!

21 Days


You can expect to be enthused, inspired and motivated by your hosts (Toto and Nikki) and your 8 Thrivors (Global and local innovators, go-getters, artists and leaders), as we all work together – bringing inspired local community dreams to life.

Plus, be prepared for all sorts of big top tent co-created surprises, delicious plant-based meals, group dance sessions, thrive coaching, workshops, heaps of new friends (did we say dancing..), story-telling, reflection and even pop up performances and upskill sessions by fellow talented venturers.. and much much more!

We will uplift, inspire and enthuse hope for all, while having fun doing so!



Fantastical Festival


Local Community

Life-altering Days Together

Passionate Venturers

Global and Local Thrivors


UPlifting activations..
Dreams made real..
Lives touched..
Artistic symbols of Hope co-created..
Sweat, Tears, Laughter, Hugs, Memories and Friendships that will last a Lifetime..

Real Tv Show


As a Venturer, you will experience what it’s like to live in a Win Win Wins way, while being led by a group of 8 local and international leaders – handpicked for the outstanding humans they are – to make dreams for the community come true.

Our cameras will closely follow our 8 Thrivors, as they are challenged to work together and lead our Venturers, while competing against time and their own egos. We will capture the breakdowns and breakthroughs, the tears, sweat and laughter, to showcase the world that we can all thrive together when we are both.. human and kind.

While the storyline will focus on the 8 Thrivors, anyone that is part of Soul Circus might become part of the show. As a reality series we will follow the organic flow of our 21 day experience and capture our co-created journey as it unfolds. By signing up to come along – you are willing and excited to be part of this extraordinary experience! 

Festival Cycle


Day 1 | Arrival in the Community


We arrive in the community during the early hours of the morning and parade through the streets, enjoying a big welcome celebration from the community. Afterwards we set up our base camp – home for the next 21 days – together.

Day 2-3 | Our Space to Thrive


While we finish building up our base camp including the Big Top, we take “family time” to come together and hold a retreat-like sacred space for us all to connect and thrive. We will explore the surrounding nature and deeply connect with ourselves, the land and it’s people. This our special time before we go out to serve the community.

Day 4 | Dreams, Outreach & Festival Prep


In teams and/or as a whole, we are out and about doing community outreach, finding more dreams, and making dreams come true and some are at base camp – preparing for the first weekend festival

Day 5 - 6 | Doors to our Festival Open


The doors to our Festival of Inspiring Action (that is Soul Circus), are open for the first time! We have workshops, theatre, conscious cinema and all kinds of inspiring actions happening inside and outside the Big Top.

Day 7 | A Day of Rest


After a powerful first week, it’s time to get some rest. This day is yours!

Day 8 - 11 | Dreams, Outreach & Festival Prep


Community outreach continues, all hands on – as more and more dreams come true. Meantime at our base camp full preparations for the second weekend’s festival are happening.

Day 12 - 13 | Festival of Inspiring Action


The doors to our Soul Circus (Festival of Inspiring Action) are open again! The community enjoys workshops, music, dance, theatre and local crafts. NGO’s are represented too, providing information, support and care. Many locals are enrolled to help make more dreams come true and outstanding talents are auditioned for the big finale next weekend.

Day 14 | Another Day of Rest


CHILL! After a powerful second week, it’s again time to get some well deserved rest. This day is yours again.

Day 15 - 18 | Wave of Dreams and Finale Prep


With one last giant wave we make as many of the remaining dreams come true. And at our base camp it’s full steam preparations for the Grand Finale…

Day 19 | The Greatest Show For Earth


THIS IS IT!! It’s the day we have all worked towards! This afternoon we open the doors for the very first “Greatest Show for Earth” – a showcasing of inspiring local talents, leaders and all the dreams that have come true. The Big top tent is a hub of joy, with a giant celebration of the last 3 weeks actions and all the incredible artistic talents that we had the honour of coaching along the way.

Day 20 | Celebrating Together


Our very own intimate celebration… We gather our crew, venturers, Core 8 and selected honoured guest and we honour and appreciate all the breakdowns and breakthroughs that have allowed us all to practice living in a win win wins way. Through all the sweat, tears, laughter and joy, we have built strong bonds and we celebrate this special evening together.

Day 21 | Departure


Our new family all head off – with farewells. Only our core team stays behind to break down base camp and pack up Soul Circus.

Your Experience

  • Celebrate a local South African (Khoisan) community and their heroes – as you engage and immerse yourself in life-altering experiences that support and make inspired dreams come true.
  • Be a core part of our fantastical traveling Social Circus, something the world has never seen before.
  • Dance, play, work and enjoy hearts and minds alike, as you uplift others and enthuse hope for all.
  • Use your passion and enthusiasm to co-create an awe-inspiring grand finale for the community – The Greatest Show for Earth. An experience for the history books!
  • Live in a Win Win Wins way, feel inspired and uplifted while we practice thriving individually and as a group
  • Learn artistic tools, expand your expression of self and shine your inner star brightly as you unleash your greatest calling!
  • Be hands on with local rural communities and live with a mobile society of trailblazers, gathering from local and global.

What’s Included


Accommodation (Glamping) in private or shared Tents

All Workshops, Materials, Tools and Activities

Win Win Wins and Foundations of Joy digital handbook

Transport from Cape Town to the Community and back

Thrive Coaching and Sharing Circles for us all to grow together

Pre-Departure and Visa Support

Co-Created delicious plant-based Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Drinking Water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Fruits

In-Country 24/7 Volunteer Support


A Space to Thrive for YOU! During Day 2-3, your two hosts and joy coaches – Nikki and Toto – will facilitate a special Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Retreat space for all of you. 
The value of this retreat is R 4800 ($333) and included in your Venturer ticket.

Venturer Ticket*

Soul Circus: 8th – 28th October 2019

Private Glamping: R25.460 | $ 1769

Early Bird: R 19.950 | $ 1387

Shared Glamping: R22.289 | $ 1549

Early Bird: R 17.770 | $ 1241

* Venturer tickets are available to approved applicants only – apply early!
* Scholarship options are available during the application process
* We love families! Tickets for children on request

What others are saying..


Nikki and Toto are adept at holding healing retreats which help people find a pathway to Joy, and find flourishing in their lives. In order to find that pathway to Joy and progress along it, we often have to deal with the nasties (fears, hangups, negative stories, wounds) that have been preventing us from flourishing. Nikki and Toto do this so well – holding the darkness to enable the lightness, and have developed simple methodologies to achieve this. But these methodologies need to be used EVERYWHERE in the world – they have the capacity to solve ALL global problems, from the Climate Crisis, to Poverty. This is why Soul Circus is so phenomenal, because it combines the use of these healing methodologies to achieve win-win-wins at community level through a travelling circus, with a RealTV show -Thrivors. So the individual human shift becomes a community shift becomes a global shift. The pairing of a travelling Circus spreading Stories of Unconditional Love and a RealTV show is Genius, and I cannot wait to see the shift that will unfold.

Emily Jones

An incredibly positive, immensely inspiring and joy filled experience. It was exactly what I needed. So happy I went, it was the best thing I did.

Judy Silva

Nikki and Toto are intuitive facilitators who have tools that will help you unlock and live your best free life.


Nikki and Toto are extremely transformitive individuals. Their ideal and philosophy of “win win wins” has in a very real and harmonious way revolutionized my thinking AND being. When you engage with them it is very clear that they live soul circus. They live their mantra. Often we find people with grand plans wanting to see it realised for their own ego or fame. With Nikki & Toto, the purity and humbleness of their desires to affect change in Africa and the world ignites within you a deep sense of peace. One can only feel excited for humanity knowing what great change they can bring about with a platform such as soul circus.

Nas Sydiw

Both Nikki and Toto are such absolutely incredible people. Both are just a shining ray of light who guide, hold space and facilitate insane transformation, on so many different levels. If there anyone who can move mountains – it’s these guys !
Anushka Kempken

If you want to go deep, manifest your dreams, start moving forwards and understand yourself and your relationship to others a little better then look no further. 😉
Doug Mostert

Nicky and Toto are just the best, they have compassion and support me in all that I do. They help me to be positive keep my head up and go for what I want.

Karla Bouwer

A very nourishing time full of love , connection with myself, beautiful people and nature , a fully immersion in the reality and a positive vision of life !

Mariella Natale

Prepare to strip away each layer to search for the inner person you were meant to be, the person you have always been capable of becoming, the person you are!

Kerith Coulson

Their beYOUtoFull hearts ♡ l have been blessed enough to have had them holding space for powerful intuitive healing, & sharing tools to rewire & move my being towards joy & happiness, in all ways ~ physical emotional & spiritual ☆

Karen Christian

They are truly incredible human beings. Their energy and permission to show up as your full self is their gift. Loving non judgmental and open. Truly beautiful humans

Brett Simpson

A special experience of being in community of like-minded souls… or like-souled souls..there to live, learn and love openly
Anna Shevel

WooOow – what a mindblowing experience!! Heartcentered, based in wisdom, with a powerfully uplifting, creative and very unique expression. The time and sessions I spent with you still vibrate in my heart. Yes, I am touched and inspired by your joyful souljourneys and want to come back as soon as possible. May many more people be blessed to enjoy your crazy wisdom.

Kilian Raetzo

Start Your Application


Applications are open!

We are hand-picking 42 epic Venturers from a wide variety of local and international keen participants.

All will have a radical, life altering, immersive experience of living in a Win Win Wins way for 21 days. All will play their best game, supporting our 8 Thrivors (a group of local and international rockstar go-getters – also hand-picked – for the remarkable leaders they are) – to make “a million dreams for the win win wins” come true.

And be sure to apply – even if you’re currently still building your abundance – there’s opportunity for all bold ones…

We look forward to hosting you and supporting all to thrive!

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