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hey beautiful,

Welcome Home!

We are an inspiring bunch of people in South Africa who envision a world where all matter of all things can thrive together. For this to happen, we made it our mission to share the knowledge and tools for Win Win Wins ways of being with the world, by making #aMillionDreams that are #WinWinWins come true.

Together we will be birthing a Nomadic Festival of Inspiring Action (a Circus for the SOUL) that will be the stage for our REAL Tv Show – showcasing inspiring ways and tools for all to thrive as we help to realize #aMillionDreams.

And you can join us!


Festival of Action

Imagine the inspired actions a large group of active volunteers can do together in a 21 day fantastical festival of action. During each festival cycle Soul Circus will host an artistic space for expression and knowledge sharing. We work with the communities to co-create uplifting activations – motivating lives with joy, kindness, hope and education – inspiring all with tools to self-realize and thrive.

REAL Tv Show

Each festival cycle our volunteers are lead by a unique handpicked group of 8 distinct leaders who have to DIT (do it together). While the group is working to co-create Soul Circus and manifest dreams in the communities, we will document their breakdowns and breakthroughs, their tears and sweat, their inspirations and co-creative tools. All to be shared with the rest of the world in our unique SOUL Circus Real TV Show! 

Space to Thrive

As we all learn and grow together and are lead by our group of 8, we break beyond our limiting believes and transform into our fullest potential. We strive to be living examples of our “Win Win Wins” way, consciously choosing, in all our actions, a way where we Win, others Win and our world Wins!


Win Win


When I live
In a Win Win Wins way
I can clearly feel that

I Win!

My value is being met
I feel great
I feel nourished
I am inspired
If things continued this way
I would continue to Win
I would thrive.

When others experience me
In a Win Win Wins way
They can clearly feel that

They Win!

Their value is met
They feel great
They feel
They are inspired
If things continued this way
They would keep winning
They would thrive!

When our world
All living things and our planet
Experiences me
In a Win Win Wins way

Our World Wins!

Everything is valued
Everything is nourished
Everything is inspired
If things continued this way
Our world would keep winning
Our world would thrive.


Conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives, movers and shakers, the doers from around the world – to join us! Become part of the growing joy tribe and be part of co-creating a winning, thriving world for all!



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