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21 Day Thrive-Experience

Eastern Cape. Our second destination. More details TBA soon.

5-25th May 2020


Greatest Show For Earth

Swellendam. Our Grand Finale! Let us entertain you with local and int. special guests and talents, as we celebrate Swellendam!

26th October 2019


21 Day Thrive-Experience

Swellendam. Break away from the daily grind, find purpose and practice living in a thriving way.

8-28th October 2019

Story of Unconditional Love (SOUL)

SOUL Circus is a traveling caravan of active citizens, co-creating a series of “21 Day Thrive Experiences”, while traveling from Cape Town towards Cairo. The caravan is engaging individuals and organizations who are passionate about arts, culture, ecology, social justice and youth empowerment, bringing together grassroots movements to further the cause of Peace on Earth by 2030. (U.N. SDG #16). 


21st September 2019
International Day of Peace

SOUL Circus celebrated it’s departure from Cape Town with a unifying peace event, in partnership with Cape Interfaith.

8-28th October 2019
First-ever 21 Days of Inspiring Action the Railton Community in Swellendam.

May 2020
21 Days of Inspiring Action in the Eastern Cape.

Future dates TBA

21 Days
of Inspiring Action

Every 4 months SOUL Circus moves into a new community, pops-up it’s Big Top tent and co-creates a 21 day thrive experience.

Each experience is a practice to live in a thriving way. A space to uplift, self-express, share knowledge and tools, learn from and celebrate each-other, as we spotlight inspiring local initiatives, nurture talents and ultimately, support the making of #aMillionDreams for a peaceful world by 2030.

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