21 Days of Inspiring Action

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A chance to join a tribe of conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives and inspiring families – who are gathering for an immersive, tangible, multidimensional 21-day THRIVE experience along the coast of South Africa. Dates TBC. A 21 day immersive co-creation, tailored by all who show up to learn, play and grow together and support a local community simultaneously.

Join us – let’s co-create beyond our best dreams – a world for ALL to thrive!

Join as a Venturer

A unique, tangible, THRIVE Experience, to Unleash and Accelerate your Authentic Self

Immerse yourself in 21 transformational days, as we join forces with eight phenomenal local and global THRIVORS (masters of skills), expanding yourself within local culture and in service of the world. Together we will release the old survival patterns and reprogramm ourselves to thrive. Accelerate your personal development as learn powerful thrive tools, at we start our 21days with a transformational three day retreat. Continue to be immersed in the practice, alongside your own self-expression and -development, as you work with the THRIVOR mentors and thrive-coaches – while uplifting and supporting the local community…

Are you ready for an immersive 21 day practice of living in a thriving way?

Our application process will ensure a broad variety of local (Southern African) and global innovators, leaders, artists, educators, catalysts, active citizens and rising stars to be our rocking Venturers!

Win Win Wins


Together we are a giant stand for inclusive learning, co-creating and thriving, which for us translates as living in a Win Win Wins way.

Together we can be unified front of thriving inspiration! Expanding your thrive-ability is easy – just follow the simple Win Win Wins ideal – checklist:

What I’m doing (or about to do) and how I’m being (or about to be), the choice I’m making (or about to make)… Is it a win for me, is it a win for others and is it a win for our world simultaneously?

– YES… amazing… stick with it!
– No… make a new choice… untill it’s a #winwinwins!

21 Day


21 days to change our habits, rewire our minds and hearts and become the new thriving version of ourselves.

Expect to be enthused, supported and motivated by your hosts (Toto and Nikki), the support facilitators (Tahlia, Francois and Kilian) and your 8 Thrivors (the hand-picked global and local masters of skill – artists, innovators, coaches and leaders of all kinds). Be inspired by your fellow Venturers, the local good-doers and the active community – experiencing how all win, as we all support each other to thrive and achieve our dreams.

Be prepared for all sorts of co-created surprises, delicious plant-based meals, group dance sessions, thrive coaching, workshops, heaps of new friends (did we say dancing..), story-telling, reflection and even pop up performances and heaps of upskill sessions by fellow talented venturers, Thrivors, team… and much much more!

Let’s uplift, inspire and enthuse hope for all, while having fun – as we thrive together!


TBA soon

Fantastical Experience



Local Community

Life-altering Days Together

Thriving Leaders


UPlifting activations..
Dreams made real..
Lives touched..
Artistic symbols of Hope co-created..
Sweat, Tears, Laughter, Hugs, Memories and Friendships that will last a Lifetime..

Real Tv Show


As a Venturer, you will be immersed in the experience of living in a Win Win Wins way. Led by each new group of 8 THRIVORS – the local and international leaders, handpicked for the outstanding humans they are – to support the making of dreams for the community.

Our cameras closely follow our 8 Thrivors, as they are challenged to work together with you and the other Venturers, to fulfil the tasks set out for them and support all to thrive. All the while competing against time and their own egos. We will capture the breakdowns and breakthroughs, the tears, sweat and laughter, and show the world that all can thrive together – when we are both human and kind.

While the storyline will focus on the 8 Thrivors, all who are part of Soul Circus may become part of the TV show. As a reality series we will follow the organic flow of our 21 day experience and capture our co-created journey as it unfolds. By signing up to come along – you are willing and excited to be recorded as part of this extraordinary human experience!

21 Day Cycle


Day 1 | Arrival in the Community


We arrive in the community during the early hours of the morning and parade through the streets, enjoying a big welcome celebration from the community. Afterwards we set up our base camp – home for the next 21 days – together.

Day 2-3 | Our Space to Thrive


While we finish building up our base camp including the Big Top, we co-create “family time” to come together and hold a retreat-like sacred space for us all to connect and thrive. We will explore the surrounding nature and deeply connect with ourselves, the land and our THRIVE-abilities. This our special time before we go out to serve the community for the next 18 days.

Day 4 | Dreams, Outreach & Circus Prep


Projects begin. In teams and/or as a whole, it’s community time. We are out and about – meeting good-doers, mentoring dreams, co-creating beautiful symbols of hope and preparing for the first SOUL Circus weekend.

Day 5 - 6 | Doors into our Big Top open


The doors into leading into our Big Top (that is SOUL Circus), are open for the first time! We have workshops, theatre, conscious cinema, sports and all kinds of inspiring actions happening inside and outside the Big Top.

Day 7 | A Day of Rest


After a powerful first week, it’s time to get some rest. This day is yours! There’ll be a variety of activities to choose from (not included in the ticket) – like waterfall outings, horse riding, wine tour etc. And always rad chill nomadic home space at base camp.

Day 8 - 11 | Dreams, Outreach & Circus Prep


Community outreach continues, all hands on – as more and more dreams come true. Meantime at our base camp full preparations for the second weekend’s activities are happening.

Day 12 - 13 | Big Top Activities


The doors to our Big Top circus tent are open again! This weekend is schools focused and community enjoys workshops, music, dance, theatre and local crafts. NGO’s are represented too, providing information, support and care. Many locals are enrolled to help make more dreams come true and outstanding talents are inspired to share talents in the big finale next weekend.

Day 14 | Another Day of Rest


CHILL! After a powerful second week, it’s again time to get some well deserved rest. This day is yours again… More cool choices (not included) – like trips to the whales, the coast for a swim and even a trip to the Southern most tip of Africa.

Day 15 - 18 | Wave of Dreams and Finale Prep


With one last giant wave we all support and see how many more dreams we can support. At our base camp it’s full steam preparations for the Grand Finale…

Day 19 | The Greatest Show For Earth


THIS IS IT!! It’s the day we have all worked towards! This afternoon we open the doors for the very first “Greatest Show for Earth” – a showcasing of inspiring local talents, leaders and all the amazing activities. The Big Top tent is a hub of joy, with a giant celebration of the last 3 weeks actions, our amazing enhanced THRIVE-abilities, all the incredible artistic talents, all we’ve learned and taught – given and received from the local community!

Day 20 | Celebrating Together


Our very own intimate celebration… We gather our crew, Venturers, Thrivors and selected honoured guests and we celebrate and appreciate all our amazing enhanced THRIVE-abilities, artistic talents and all we’ve learned, taught, given and received from the local community and each other!

How the practice living in a win win wins way has set us up to THRIVE for all time and teach more to live in a Win Win Wins way. Through all the sweat, tears, laughter and joy, we have built strong bonds and we celebrate this special evening together.

Day 21 | Departure


TIME TO HEAD OUT INTO THE BIG WORLD… Our new family all head off – with farewells. Our core team remains to break down base camp and pack up Soul Circus.

Your Experience

  • Celebrate a local South African diverse community and their heroes – as you engage and immerse yourself in life-altering experiences that support all to thrive and make inspired dreams come true.
  • Be a core part of a 21day experience with our fantastical traveling Circus of active citizens, something the world has never seen before.
  • Dance, play, work and enjoy hearts and minds alike, as you uplift and upskill each other and enthuse hope for all.
  • Use your passion, talents and enthusiasm to co-create an awe-inspiring grand finale for the community – The Greatest Show for Earth. An experience for the history books!
  • Practice living in a Win Win Wins way, feel inspired and uplifted while we practice thriving individually and as a group.
  • Learn artistic tools, expand your expression of self and shine your inner star brightly as you unleash your greatest calling, co-creating and mentoring to make dreams come true.
  • Be hands on with local rural communities and live with a mobile society of trailblazers, a new family of local and global good-doers from diverse nations.

What’s Included


Accommodation (Glamping) in private or shared Tents

All Workshops, Materials, Tools and Activities

Win Win Wins and 21 Days of Thrive digital handbook

Transport from Cape Town to Swellendam and back

Thrive Coaching and Sharing Circles for us all to grow together

Pre-Departure and Visa Support

Co-Created delicious plant-based Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Drinking Water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Fruits

Mentoring, coaching and breakthrough support


A POWER space for YOU to thrive! During Day 2 and 3, your two hosts and thrive coaches – Nikki and Toto – will facilitate a special Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Retreat space for all of you.
The value of this retreat is R 4800 ($333) and included in your Venturer ticket.

Venturer Ticket*

Soul Circus/ Thrivors Season 2
Dates TBC

* Venturer tickets are available to approved applicants only – apply early!
* Youth Bursaries are available for previously disadvantaged community members
* Excited to join, but still building abundance? Join our team.
* We love families! Tickets for children on request


What others are saying..

It is as if all that i have done before laid the foundation for me to truly step into The Story of Unconditional Love. The Soul Circus experience has transformed me on a fundamental level. They way i see the world and those in it has changed. My response to life has changed. The way i process and digest my day to interactions has changed. I am only realizing areas that have transformed when i am faced with a situation and recognize that i respond very differently. i guess in a nutshell my compass bearing has changed. I feel a natural pull to step in and step up in a profound way – to not shy away from all the bigness in me and in what i can offer the world.
Jillian Lambert

You have to experience this life-changing experience which will change your life for the best. You have been Incredible and created a platform that not only sees the good in others but also helps the good doers to make their dreams come true. Well done on a successful 21 day experience.
Shamila Ramjawan

The entire experience surprised me. I went from “nyama-tarian” (carnivore) to vegetarian (plant based) and I moved from exclisively head thinking to a mostly head, but sometimes heart… And from emotional disengaged to empowered with ho’oponopono and spruthing.
SOUL Circus is a masterclass in love and giving. I will visit all future sessions.
Vuyisa Qabaka

Soul Circus is a magnificent community where dreams are supported and eventually come through one by one. It’s a safe space to dream and have your dreams supported and for you to support others while making the world a better place in little acts of kindness.
Thank you for the opportunity, the experience was breath taking, it elevated my confidence and gave me the will to live my life fully without fear of the unknown- to stand firm in my belief and trust GOD with all my heart and have the confidence that all that i desire in the world i already hold within me. The experience gave me my mojo back! * groovy human ❤️*
Siyasanga Michelle Nokama

It’s intense guys. InTents! Soul Circus is a coming together of passionate humans coming from all walks of life. Together we weave a rich tapestry of many-coloured threads, creating a backdrop for the Story Of Unconditional Love to play in.
I am amazed by the emotional intimacy we shared as a collective. I carry each individual in my heart. I feel a greater sense of support in my life because I feel the support of this tribe.
Since SOUL Circus I feel more connected to the different cultures and races of South Africa. I feel a greater sense of trust in humanity.
Selah Joy

This is a SOUL experience that will last a lifetime! I feel energized, reborn , full of hope and so supported in all I do. The support I received from people I had just met was astounding. I am always used to figuring things out on my own and now I have a team.
DO IT!! You will learn so much , grow so much and love so much. You will cry tears of gratitude and you will be stretched beyond ur boundaries, so much so that you will be sandwich hugged and glued back together with Unconditional love. It is not everyones cuppa tea and yet it resonates with me and my values because I am crazy enough to believe that by helping just 1 person we can create waves of goodness.
Manisha Ramdhin

SOUL Circus gave me a new understanding and practicing of self-care. Many lessons learnt and personal growth. A new hope for humanity and motivation to do something with that hope. It is absolutely life changing. And have already recommended it to several people.
Sheriff Wilhelm du Plessis

Through SOUL Circus I now deeply believe in myself and what I do and to take charge and give give give in order for me to receive. It has changed my life personally. I have independence, loyalty and am thinking deep about my own dream. Go get the Story Of Unconditional Love, the experience that will make your life a completely new HOME. From Khayelitsha to Swellendam was an overwhelming experience for me and it changed me. It can do wonders to you too.
Mandisi Sindo

SOUL Circus has reassured me that there are amazing humans on this earth !
Dr Jasmine Gercke

What surprised me most was witnessing everybody’s capacity for unconditional love and learning. I’ve found more inspiration for continuing routes with communities and a new space for self appreciation and love. Awesome space to learn, grow and get inspired within a community.♡
Anaïs Ribeyre

Thank you for creating a bomb drop of Unconditional Love that has uplifted my life and those in my reach
I know have a greater community awareness and my involvement has hugely expanded
The layers of thought and planning that went into this incredible outreach is amazing.
SOUL Circus gives you a chance to immerse yourself into the way life and community can be – when we are given space to express ourselves authentically, it’s a growth accelerator in divine timing.
Debra-Leigh Möhle

I have been shy person for most of my life, always wanting to take the back seat on doing things. Now I can see that this is slowly changing and my communication skills hopefully will also improve too.
My three biggest take aways are, having taking sometime to do good for others and making the them feel special. Secondly, the moment I think of doing something I should start doing it and stop procrastinating about it. That I need to stop holding shelling my talent and speak about it and allow myself to live in the moment.
The level of love the people showed me at the camp, because from the places we come from things are different and I really didn’t expect that kind of love – other than from my own family. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful family and such a wonderful experience. If I had the opportunity I would do it again
Siyabonga Khaka Ngaki

I was positively surprised by the relationships formed by individuals at SOUL circus. The level of humans attracted to this project was amazing. I am also very pleasantly surprised by how much was created and accomplished with so little financial support…..ask and the resources show up in whatever format they need to appear. This was a huge lesson for me.
The collective environment and strength of the family we created has far exceeded my expectations. The self-growth for everyone, including myself, was much greater than I expected it to be.
Tahlia Rubin

I loved the level of deep connections I found with people and the depth of self-healing journey I embarked on was huge too – and loved the food! 🙂
It’s a 21 day life-enhancing, beautiful immersive experience of love and joy and facing your soul depths. a great reality check with a massive spoonful of fun and a huge dollop of love.
Tara Francis

WooOow – what a mindblowing experience!! Heartcentered, based in wisdom, with a powerfully uplifting, creative and very unique expression. The time and sessions I spent with you still vibrate in my heart. Yes, I am touched and inspired by your joyful souljourneys and want to come back as soon as possible. May many more people be blessed to enjoy your crazy wisdom.

Kilian Raetzo

Start Your Application


Applications are open!

We are hand-picking our committed and outstanding Venturers from a wide variety of local and international keen participants.

All will have a radical, life altering, immersive experience of living in a Win Win Wins way for 21 days. All will play their best game, supporting each other and our 8 Thrivors (a group of local and international rockstar leaders) – as we all action projects for the local community and co-create ways for some of “a million dreams for the win win wins” to come true.

Your ticket price covers your food, your accommodation, the space we hold and the teams value in facilitating this giant experience.

Special bursary cases will be considered (Apply here). Plus we will give you a “make your dream happen” pre-pack – if you need to fundraise for your spot…

Follow your heart, take inspiring actions and “Carpe diem”!

So be sure to apply – even if you’re currently still building your abundance (make your dreams come true) – this is an opportunity for all the bold active citizens…

We look forward to hosting you and supporting all to thrive!

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