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SOUL – Story of Unconditional Love – Circus is a new type of festival, a fantastical, traveling, social circus, focused on uplifting and inspiring communities wherever it goes. Through its journey, Soul Circus intends to create a unique African story. A marvelous tale of a nomadic social circus – something the world has never seen before – taking a grand journey from Cape Town towards Cairo.

Along the way Soul Circus will be invited by hundreds of communities to pop-up it’s big top circus tent, and together with volunteers from around the world, co-create festivals of inspiring action and the Greatest Show for Earth. Each festival will be a space to uplift, self-express, share knowledge and tools, spotlight inspiring local initiatives and come together to learn from and celebrate each-other.

By building strong relationships with the local communities and its leaders many months in advance, Soul Circus will be invited and warmly welcomed wherever it goes. Together with the community, local and international non-for-profits, CSR initiatives, as well as local and international volunteers, Soul Circus will support and inspire communities to make #aMillionDreams for the #WinWinWins come true, while bringing rays of upliftment into their lives. And as Soul Circus continues its journey it will leave behind a colorful path of realized dreams, joyous hearts and reignited hope.

Real Tv Show


Every 3-4 months SOUL Circus will become the stage for our unique Real Tv Show (see the Purple Stars on the map). This is a high concept, awe-inspiring, REAL series for television, which aims to educate en masse, through creating an engaging, entertaining and emotionally thrilling Television show with wide demographic appeal. The audience will be taken on the most fantastical journey of their lives; an emotional ride showing the breakdowns and breakthroughs, consequences, compassion, heroism and hope, that is the tapestry of humankind’s evolution to tackle our Global Grand Challenges and thrive through service.


A world
where we all live
in a Win Win Wins way
and all beings
and all things



a million dreams
for the
Win Win Wins.


I am Nicola Jackman (Nikki) and I am Torsten Kremser (Toto). Through an inspired moment of fate, we chose to merge our worlds of education and entertainment with our shared great loVe for other humans and this planet. We united our dreams for a world full of hope and joy and with that came the conception of Soul Circus.


“How do we optimize our time for the greatest Win Win Wins?”. This is our driving question, as we continue to be motivated to support all beings and all things to thrive. For this thriving dream to come true – we know we need to bridge and expand access to the tools and mindsets to ensure all experience more Wins. We strive to be living examples of our “Win Win Wins” tools in action, consciously choosing a way where we Win, others Win and our world Wins too!

Ultimately, through SOUL Circus, we are showcasing and celebrating those living in this “Win Win Wins” way. Through this joyful sharing, we intend to inspire the people of our world to choose to thrive and choose ways that infuse harmony with all! In this way, we will be growing hope, unity and co-creative action for a thriving world.


Our journey starts in Africa – from Cape Town towards Cairo – with many 21 day cycles along the way.


conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives, movers and shakers, the doers from around the world who are keen to make a difference, while having fun doing so!

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