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Now – October 2019



What this is about

This is a really unique opportunity to be part of something greater – something way beyond self – while being held in community to personally thrive… and having fun doing so! 🙂

Join an inspiring bunch of people in South Africa and support a new conscious program for the world. Be one of the co-creators of our Nomadic Festival of Inspiring Action (a Circus for the SOUL) that will also be the stage for our REAL Tv Show – to show the world we can all thrive as we live in a Win Win Wins way.

Together we will design, create and transform trucks, containers, buses and all necessary equipment (including a big top circus tent) that all together will be the very first of #aMillionDreams – Soul Circus itself!

Who we are looking for

If you are a bold, insightful, courageous, and versatile individual with drive to learn and grow, a great people person who appreciates individuals from all walks of life, brilliant at listening and communicating, an astute and natural leader, an inspirational character, someone that embraces challenges and thrives off the opportunity to problem solve … plus keen to lead teams and projects and live in a Win Win Wins way… Then we are super stoked to hear more from you!

Below are a few immediate/ upcoming openings.
You can apply for any of those or just tell us how you feel you fit in!

 Immediate openings:

I. PR & Marketing Genius – to lead our brand development and marketing strategies

II. Creative Build Genius – to design and transform trailors, trucks and equipment

III. Strategy & Systems Genius – to develop our internal structures and strategies

IV. Filmmaker/ Storyteller – to document the co-creation of Soul Circus itself

V. Permaculture Genius – to care for our organic gardens and lead community earth-time

Where we are

For it’s creation, Soul Circus is rooted on the Soul Valley Farm in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Here we all live and learn together in commUNITY while we co-create Soul Circus. We have our own fresh water dam, organic gardens and truckloads of space to create and play!

Win Win Wins Exchange

Our core tool which we use for thriving in our world is “Win Win Wins” and we use it to assess all our engagements. (How do I Win, while others Win and the world Wins?).

All who engage with Soul Circus should clearly feel that they are personally winning and expanding. For this, everyone will receive support and be held accountable towards personal goals/ projects and join weekly coaching and healing circles.

Space Holder

(Full Trade)

Explore what it means to live in a Win Win Wins community. Engage deeper with our community and our vision. Co-Create something far beyond self and thrive with growing responsibilities for specific aspects of the Soul Circus vision

Complete Trade. Make a full time commitment. Manage your own time and responsiblities.  Opportunity to become a permanent part of our production core-team *

Make a 1 month minimum commitment.

*In order to maintain a cohesive vibration and a feeling of inclusion, everyone is asked to participate in regular “Works of Heart” community contributions during their time share, which might include picking a salad, weeding the gardens, co-creating a meal or supporting general clean-up.

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