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What is Soul Circus?

Soul Circus is a fantastical, traveling social circus. Imagine several trucks and busses and a big top circus tent, taking a grand journey – from Cape Town towards Cairo – to uplift and inspire communities along the way. Each stop in a community will be 21 days to co-create our 21 Days of Inspiring Action

What is the Tv Series Thrivors?

We decided that “reality tv” is not our reality, and created REAL Tv. Our tv show will join the “21 Days of Inspiring Action” to inspire and educate en masse, that we can all thrive when we collaborate and live in a Win Win Wins way. The series is focused on our 8 Thrivors, making dreams come true, and designed to be awe-inspiring and entertaining.

What are Win Win Wins?

A Win-Win-Wins is a situation, action, outcome or a dream in which EVERYTHING wins. The first “Win” is for oneself. The second “Win” is for others and the third “Wins” (infinite in number) is for the world.

It’s an easy way to check if what I am about to do is a Win for me, a Win for others and a Win for the world.

It’s our dream to inspire the world to live in a Win-Win-Wins way… for ALL to thirve

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Why a Million Dreams?

Our grand vision is to make a Million Dreams that are Win Win Wins come true. We believe that by inspiring people around the world to take action and help making such dreams come true, we can create a tidal wave of upliftment and joy.

Our Tv Series THRIVORS supports our vision to have a global campaign under the hashtag #aMillionDreams go viral.. like the ice bucket challenge.. to co-create the world of our dreams.

What is the Greatest Show For Earth?

The Grand Finale of our 21 Days of Inspiring Action. On day 19 of each cycle, we will invite the community to join for an awe-inspiring celebration under our Big Top circus tent.

The hard work, sweat and tears of the last 3 weeks, all leads to the creation of this final show. With a combination of highlighting the incredible local talents and good-doers which we’ve come to meet and mentor, and showcasing all the dreams we’ve made come true together, plus all the symobls of hope we have co-created, the show will be awe-inspiring, entertaining, educating and emotionally touching.

A Grand Finale to celebrate it all!

What is a 21-Day Cycle?

As we slowly travel from Cape Town towards Cairo, we immerse ourselves every 3-4 months  in one community and then the next. In each community, Soul Circus will stay for 21 Days of Inspiring Action. We also call this immersive experience a 21-day cycle.

What is 21 Days of Inspiring Action?

Our 21 Day Thrive Experience brings together local and international good-doers to immerse themselves in the local community and take inspired action. Imagine the remarkable effects a large group of inspired people can do in 21 days. We will uplift, educate, share skills and inspire the community with countless initiatives, while having FUN doing so! Because.. if it’s not FUN it’s not sustainable!

What is a Venturer?

Venturers are conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives, movers and shakers – people like you, who feel inspired to join us for 21 Days of Inpsiring Action and help make a million dreams come true.

To become a venturer, one must submit an application. We then hand-pick 42 venturers to join us for each 21 Day Thrive Experience.

Who are the 8 Thrivors?

The 8 Thrivors are a group of international and local leaders, hand-picked for each 21-day cycle (from your nominations) for the remarkable humans they are.

They star our Tv Series THRIVORS and are given a potent mission: To work together (against ego and time), leading the Venturers and make dreams come true, while co-creating the 21 Days of Inspiring Action in the chosen community.

We work with the communities to co-create uplifting activations – motivating lives with joy, kindness, hope and education – inspiring all with tools to self-realize and thrive.

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