The Story Of Unconditional Love (SOUL) CIRCUS is coming to Swellendam and bringing the sensational new TV series THRIVORS 

The SOUL Circus is calling on South Africa and the world to support their bold dream of  inciting a global paradigm shift from SURVIVOR to THRIVOR. Their caravan of active citizens is creating a series of 21 day events, while traveling from Cape Town towards Cairo, to co-create PEACE on EARTH by 2030.

SOUL Circus is part of “The Road to 2020” by UNITY EARTH, engaging individuals and organizations who are passionate about arts, culture, ecology and youth empowerment, bringing together grassroots movements to further the cause of worldwide unity and peace (U.N. Sustainable Development Goal #16).

Along the journey, their 21 day thrive experiences will be inspiring local and global folks, and in partnership with THRIVORS, they will film the Real TV docu-series to simultaneously inspire the world en mass.

They’ve just announced that the official location for Soul Circus’s first festival –  is Swellendam, WC. The local municipality, NGO’s and local good-doers are enthusiastically awaiting their arrival.

Bringing the world SOUL Circus and THRIVORS is the first dream of their #amilliondreams campaign. And they’ve just launched their Kickstarter crowd-sourcing campaign, inspiring masses of people to contribute towards their audacious goal, so that they can launch in October this year. 

21 Days of Inspiring Action

With each location they visit, they bring a 21 day experience for the community and SOUL Circus participants to learn the art of thriving, and support local good-doers in making their dreams for the community come true.

Picture a big top circus tent, a few brightly coloured trailers, a group of bold Venturers (21 day participants) and Thrivors (local and international leaders), living in a camp for 21 days, putting on shows, workshops and conscious cinema, to celebrate, edu-tain and motivate a local community; Then add a film crew to document the experience through the eyes of the 8 hand picked Thrivors (bold leaders), as they mentor the local good-doers and Venturers to fulfill their dreams.

Unify, uplift and inspire HOPE and PEACE for ALL

These two bold projects  “SOUL Circus” and the accompanying real Tv docu-series – called “THRIVORS” – are set to inspire hope en masse, and encourage all to collectively thrive and make a million dreams come true (as folks around the world follow the tools they learn and fulfil their own dreams and support others too.) 

The team behind this bold audacious dream is a dynamic trio – South African ex-Isidingo actress and joy catalyst Nicola Jackman and German born, social entrepreneur Toto (Torsten) Kremser are the co-creators and hosts and they’ve partnered with local CoZa productions CEO – Ryan Christian – to ensure their 21 day SOUL Circus event and the TV show can run simultaneously.

They say their projects are part of their intention to bring enriching entertainment, that encourages self development, to swiftly remedy apathy, by showing everyone that there is hope, that we (humanity) can ALL individually tweak the old Survive paradigm and co-create the Thrive story together. 

Our world could definitely do with a dose of such hope enthusing innovations.  We hope locals and globals alike will join their Kickstarter crowd-sourcing campaign and that they’ll swiftly raise the capital they need – to make this remarkable dream a success.

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8-28th October 2019
21 Days of Inspiring Action

Conscious, kind, loving, giving, active citizens, artists, musicians, creatives, movers and shakers, the good-doers from around the world who are keen to grow, teach and practice thriving, while having fun doing so!

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