A trio of innovative creators have created a new Tv Series concept set to start rolling cameras in October this year in the town of Swellendam. They have just announced the first Season’s leading stars.

The show is set to showcase 8 remarkable global and local leaders, (with outstanding thrive-ability) as they collaborate to celebrate and enrich a local community for 21 days. 

Due for global release in 2020, Thrivors just announced their first location is going to be Swellendam, the second oldest town in South Africa and the first 8 Thrivors… are as follows:

There’s Shamila Ramjawan, currently Pan African Business woman of the year, Vuyisa Qabaka the Entrepreneur Guru, Jilian Lambert the leader of leaders, Dr Jasmine Gercke the Canadian author of Billionaire Yogi, the indigenous wise Khoisan leader – Peter Takelo, Matthew Purkiss remarkable Earth systems designer and then there’s the adventurous Mommy of 4, the lovely Manisha Ramdhin. The final 8th Thrivor will be a surprise reveal.

South African actress Nicola Jackman, one of the trio of creators of the show, acclaimed for her role in Isidingo, shares more of the Thrivors selection; “All the inspired individuals were hand-picked for the remarkable bold leaders they are in their respective fields, and their unique thrive-abilities. They are living examples that true success comes to those who support the world, while they support themselves.”

These inspired individuals have been hand-picked for the remarkable bold leaders they are in their respective fields, and their unique thrive-abilities. Living examples that true success comes to those who support the world, while they support themselves. They will mentor and support youth and local good-doers to fulfill their dreams in Swellendam for 21 days – 8-28th OCtober. 


MORE detail on the Thrivors


Shamila Ramjawan this CEO, author and multiple global Awardee and currently holds the title of Mrs Johannesburg. She is also an Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Unisa, known for her innovative business nature, and Play Your Part Ambassador for Brand South Africa. All while making a sustainable impact in countless lives of girls and women globally with her PrincessD Menstrual Cup.        


She was nominated over 20 times in the last 24 months for her business drive and purpose and she’s just won the 2019 “Pan African Business Woman of the year” award 




Vuyisa Qabaka, known as the Xhosa Rainmaker or African Entrepreneur Guru, he’s a founding Partner at Pan African innovation firm, HYBR Group and co-founder at equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa.


Has spent the past 8 years building venture, building ecosystem, in media as television host and business columnist. Has traveled globally on investment roadshows with various African startups including economic study tours top innovation ecosystems like Nigeria, Kenya, Malaysia and Israel.



Canadian Jasmine Gercke, aka Dr Jazz, this serial entrepreneur, yogi and author is the creator of Jazz Yoga and a passionate advocate of thriving through healthy body and mindfullness practices.


Dr. Jasmine Gercke (Dr. Jazz) is a traditionally trained Hatha Yoga Master with her Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine. Dr. Gercke brings together Western medicine and Eastern wisdom to help individuals and audiences learn to heal from stress-based illnesses such as insomnia, anxiety, and career burnout.


Matthew Purkiss the out the box, sustainable food systems warrior. TedXSpeaker from Johannesburg and the Vice Chair of the South African Organic Sector Organisation 

This driven and passionate systems designer, is committed to preserving the environment for our future generations. 


Chosen as a Thrivor for his love of this earth and the clear steps he’s taking in changing the way people see sustainable human settlements,  localised food production systems and natural building.



Manisha Ramdhin, the adventurous mommy of 4, from the Eastern Capem has transformed her body into a fierce wonder woman twice. She’s an accountant by day and a lifestyle design coach by night, a full time mommy who loves to keep fit and healthy. 


A strong leader and motivator, Manisha holds a true survivor to thrivor story and she’s made it her personal mission to affect millions of mindsets by living her inspired life to the fullest.



Jilian Lambert

From a strong corporate foundation in human resources, this Capetonian has spread her wings to bring her coaching and inspirational guidance to leaders in business throughout Africa. With specialities in team building and strategy, from nia classes and playshops – her skill set is vast.


With works from Greece to Kenya, this remarkable lady was chosen to be in the first season of Thrivors for the wisdom and grace she brings as she leads leaders to success. 



Peter Takelo, local Khoisan Thrivor from Barrydale, a neighbouring town. He’s the co-founder and Youth Director for the local NPO – Net Vir Pret – connecting children to their heritage and culture – while upskilling them with creative arts. 


Reaching previously disadvantaged children to teens, they are taught a huge variety of skills from traditional bushmen “rieldans” dance to sculptures from plastic, sports , after-school care, holiday school and farm school outreach, they even give hope and healing to school drop-outs in conflict with the law.



AND the final THRIVOR – is yet to be revealed… a surprise for the show!


Creators of Thrivors

✓ Toto aka (Torsten) Kremser – Soul Circus Co-founder and co-host. A German born Global Citizen, social entrepreneur and digital nomad – with a passion for Africa. He started Better Me – an edu-care foundation in Kenya – supporting over 400 children. He’s also the creator of Nomad Convoy an innovative travel company hosting digital nomads in Africa. Plus Toto is a joy facilitator, coach and trainer expanding joy in the world through dance and retreats.


✓ Nikki aka (Nicola) Jackman – Soul Circus Co-founder and host, is a Southern African actress, tedX Speaker and joy catalyst – acclaimed for her acting role in local soap opera Isidingo. She’s toured with her book and one woman show MAfrika reaching in excess of 15 000 people. She is the founder of The UPliftment Programme, a local NPO bringing joyful emotional wellness to children and youth in historically disadvantaged community since 2003. Together with Toto, she host retreats, trainings and co-creates joyful spaces to support all to thrive.


✓  Ryan Christian Co-Creator of Soul Circus Africa and Production Partner – He’s the CEO of COZA Productions, with a strong history in events, festivals and media. There’s a whole host of SA and UK brands, that are his many happy clients. He’s also a dad of two, a school rugby coach and the co-founder of the #HitpovertyForASix initiative – supporting dozens of charities and hundreds of children.


Thrivors forms part of the Story Of Unconditional Love (SOUL) Circus grand journey towards Cairo. This nomadic thrive space, hosts large groups of active citizens, as they travel up Africa sharing 21 day thrive experiences, supporting the world to thrive and boldly working on co-creating world peace by 2030.

Look out for their launch in Cape Town – set to begin on – 21st September 2019 – International Day of Peace.


On the 21st of September around the world, activities around the world will unite humanity in the intention of world peace. 

The theme for this year is “Climate Action for Peace” and it brings a clear message: the global climate emergency is a threat to security and stability. With extreme weather events and disasters becoming more frequent and severe, disputes over dwindling resources risk fueling climate-related conflict, this is everyone’s time to activate solutions.  

According to UNFCCC, they are key actors in raising awareness, running educational programmes, promoting sustainable lifestyles, conserving nature, supporting renewable energy, adopting environmentally-friendly practices and implementing adaptation and mitigation projects.


From: www.thrivors.tv

Date: 21st August 2019

CONTACT: Tahlia Rubin | +27 72 749 5478 | [email protected]

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